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L’Arrimage is a non-profit organization offering supported employment services to people living with mental health problems.
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We offer a personalized service adapted to individual needs. Participation in our program is voluntary and our services are offered free of charge. Our clients are involved in the decision making and are called upon to assume responsibilities throughout their job integration process.


People wishing to participate in our program must have a diagnosis and be receiving treatment for a mental health problem. Most importantly, they must be motivated to integrate the labour market.

Participants must :

  • Have a diagnosis
  • Maintain a follow-up with a health care professional
  • Wish to obtain gainful employment

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Step 1

Application and Evaluation

Upon receiving a referral form, the individual is contacted by an Employment Counsellor within a few days to set up an initial meeting. During this meeting the counsellor introduces our services, determines the person’s admissibility to our program and clarifies his/her needs and expectations.

Before being admitted to our program, there is an evaluation period during which the counsellor assesses the person’s capability to enter the labour market. This period may spread over several meetings and includes exchanges with mental health professionals. The person is admitted to our services if the counsellor believes he/she can realistically meet the client’s needs.
  • Referral form
  • Assessment meeting
  • Application review
  • Admission

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Step 2

Employability Profile

  • Needs assessment
  • Information on the labour market
  • Employment counselling
  • Assistance in career choice
  • Job search techniques and strategies
  • Integration into adapted enterprises
  • Personalized employment integration plan
L’Arrimage works to promote the client’s autonomy by entrusting him/ her with components of the process that he/ she is capable of handling. Counsellors continue to support the growth and development of this autonomy throughout the course of employment integration.

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Step 3

Preparation and Integration

  • Preparing résumés and cover letters
  • Determining eligibility to various subsidy or training programs
  • Recruiting potential employers
  • Negotiating adaptations to facilitate integration into the workplace
  • Visits to potential employers
  • Ongoing support throughout the job search process

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Step 4

Job Placement

The preparation phase ends when the client obtains a job or begins a program to help develop his/her employability skills.

There are three types of placements:
  • Non-subsidized employment
  • Subsidized employment
  • Programs to help develop employability skills

Wage subsity programs aim to facilitate employment integration and job retention. Funded by Emploi-Québec, some of these programs can be renewed if the client continues to require certain accommodations in the workplace in order to maintain the job. The three wage subsidy programs are.
Other wage subsidy and training programs offered by Emploi-Québec
and SPHERE-Québec may also be used to facilitate work integration

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Step 5

Job retention and Follow-ups

Integrating a new job can be a major cause of stress and anxiety for our clients. Our employment counsellors work in close relationship with mental health professionals to offer ongoing support throughout the job integration process. We ensure that our participants receive regular personalized follow-ups to encourage job retention and help them become more autonomous. Follow-ups are offered on a long term basis and are adapted to the needs of the individual and his/her employer.

Support :

  • Implementation of integration plan and follow-up
  • Ongoing evaluation and employer support
  • Intervention network involving psychiatrists, doctors, educators, social workers and other health care professionals

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